Our Mission & Purpose

“Key West Sports Academy is dedicated to providing children of all abilities the opportunity to learn gymnastics, cheerleading, ninja, and dance in a fun, safe environment. We strive to promote self confidence, strength, coordination and discipline through a quality sports programs. Our coaches help us to realize this through enthusiastic instruction, positive motivation, and strong basic fundamentals.”

Our purpose is to support each person in reaching their potential, with respect to their own goals. We strive to be positive role-models and to bring out the best in each individual within the realms of physical, mental, emotional and social development. Safety, fun and skill-acquisition are key to achieving these goals and to making Key West Sports Academy a wonderful environment for

Teaching Character Through Sports

magnificent moves for math

Math is a spatial sport! The more children move in different ways, the more connections are made in the brain that improve spatial awareness.

Teaching a HEALTHY, ACTIVE lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are Key West Sports Academy’s highest priorities; the core, fundamental driving forces by which we operate. They define our culture, support our mission, and help us to deliver happiness! We embrace our core values daily through recognition of acts which demonstrate those values. Athletes have the opportunity to earn rewards for practicing by these values in the gym.

1. Fail Forward
“Failing is a normal part of life. When I fail, I learn and make progress towards achieving my goals.”

2. Character is Key
“Who I am at all times is important. I will do the right thing even if there is no one watching.”

3. Effort is Everything
“My work ethic determines my success. Others may have more talent but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than me. I will give 100% effort regardless of the task”

4. Learn for Life
“There is no limit to what I can learn. I acknowledge that there may be someone who knows the subject better and I am willing to learn from them despite what I think I already know.”

5. Power of Positive
“Words have power, I will focus on using positive words to lift myself and others up.”

6. Measure of Success
“I will measure my success through the attainment of my goals. I will remember to set small goals in pursuit of the large.”

7. Honor the Journey
“The start is just as important as the end. I will honor my personal journey through the good and the bad, it makes me who I am.”

roll into reading

Brain connections are made through the activation of an important system that lies deep within the inner ear. This system is called the vestibular system and is the
Olympic gold winner when it comes to brain development.

At Key West Sports Academy, we promote the sports of gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and ninja by offering high quality instruction and equipment in all of our classes. Our winning track record speaks for itself,  our top priority is the experience of our athletes. We train and encourage them to do their best, whilst ensuring they are having fun doing it!

hang ten for handwriting

Observing children swinging on uneven bars seems far away as one can get from observing a child trying o write a paragraph, but actually, the two require remarkably similar skills.

flip on the focus

Any time a child participates in activities that require moving large muscles & the
compression of joints, this is referred to as heavy work. Heavy work is a term used to describe the types of activities that help focus the brain.

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